I'm slowly recovering it and I feel good about it. [Gender] 100%. CATEGORIES Take One of the Free Personality Tests . Security90% For example, at 18, when faced with a large pizza and some cupcakes, I would tell myself, “I’ll probably regret this later” but that wouldn’t stop me from digging in. Universalism 50%. You can’t judge the core values of someone with few obscure questions. For example, let’s say you get offered a job two hours away from home and you immediately take it because it will result in a salary increase. I like my results <3, Achievement90% Thanks for sharing your results! Freedom 80% [Gender]50%, Achievement 70% What influences your decisions? Hedonism80% Valuing structure involves having a sense of control over your surroundings and exercising discipline to maintain an acceptable level of restriction. Hey Jeff, I’m glad to read that. Security 50% Inclusion is a value that focuses on accepting diversity–it supports real opportunities for all people to form meaningful relationships. Stimulation50% Doing the True Will requires self-knowledge. Security60% Valuing grace means living a life of unconditional love and gratitude. Your mind and body both know how to pause before taking action, allowing you the time to generate awareness and consider the results of your next move before choosing to take it. When you value conservation, there is a good chance that you are satisfied with the things you have and content in your life. Power 20% So something for me to investigate as I get deeper and deeper into meditation and doing more things that give me satisfaction. Maybe this can have a different label. Now, I don’t have to fight an internal battle with impulse control because I know these things aren’t good for me, and enjoying the taste of these types of food for 2 minutes is not a price I am willing to pay for the cost in the end. Power10% Are the harmony and stability of society important to you? Tradition40% Free Personality Test DISC Behavior Test Enneagram Holland Code Career Test. Here are my core values: Authenticity—Be the same person at every occasion in life. If you happen to have true talent in a specific area–either personally or professionally–you also possess a great amount of intrinsic value that can have a strong positive impact on your life. Being compliant does not mean you’re weak. The ability to remain calm in the face of adversity and control your emotions helps people trust you and feel like you’re a reliable and poised person. Dear reader, this website uses cookies for analytical purposes. Power 50% Security70% Valuing originality means that you walk your own path and stray away from what everyone else seems to be doing. Valuing creativity supports your ability to make a change in society that other people find significant. Tradition30% Achievement80% Security
 50% Hedonism40% the only thing that was off was my Hedonism score (70%). 90% Power 60% In fact, our bodies are too. Tradition 10% Security80% You’re the kind of person who can see hundreds of possibilities and exciting avenues for the future, and you naturally inspire others to see these ideas with you. Universalism 40% Stimulation 70% Conformity 70% I’m still tweaking the rating system, so your feedback is very valuable. Universalism 40% Power30% The Core Values Index ™ (CVI). Authority. Conformity50% Security 50% [Gender] 50% 4. Is it your goal to achieve high social status and great wealth? For example, if one of your values is progress or learning and you don’t feel like you have gained any new knowledge or experiences lately, make the decision to read 2 books per month until you feel like your personal rating begins to improve. Conformity90% Freedom70% When you value partnership, you also value collaboration, respect, teamwork, and loyalty. [Gender] 50%, Achievement 90% Family is often a core value in people’s lives and influences decisions such as where to live and how to celebrate holidays. There are certainly some things in life that you can never prepare for, but by valuing this quality, people are able to either avoid or mitigate unwelcomed circumstances. [Gender]50, Thanks for helping me know my core values . Do you follow traditional cultural customs and practices? Achievement 70% Stimulation80% . Our brains are quick to become accustomed to any type of stimulation. As you’re doing some self-reflection, think about some moments in your life that have been especially meaningful to you or experiences that you consider to be a highlight of your life. This is a value that most people hold close to their hearts–and it doesn’t only involve valuing your own freedom–it also encompasses advocating from freedom if you ever see an opportunity to do so. * Achievement
90%  The path of skill development toward mastery is what I live for. Achievement100% Finding them, or identifying them isn’t too hard. Glad to be of help and thank you for your comment, Josephine. Conformity50% This may take several tries before you feel absolutely confident. Benevolence 60% Benevolence
 50% Power 10% However being in recovery for a couple of years now has let me live out life with purpose, and direction. Power10% [Gender]50%, Achievement70% core values, CATEGORIES Was a value being suppressed? Freedom90% I tried as hard as I could to focus on what has brought me happiness, pride, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Power 70% Freedom 50% To ensure that you’re living in line with your personal core values, refer to the list that you have created every month and rate yourself on how well you’re honoring each value on an everyday basis. I kept the word ‘equality’ in the question “Do you care about tolerance, equality, and the welfare of humanity?” unspecified in order to trigger subjectively biased associations with universal welfare. Very helpful as I try to live a more authentic life which reflects the real me and nobody else’s idea of what I should be. 5 Questions You Can Ask to Clarify Your Values, These Four Personal Values Promote Happiness, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcztX6LYqec. Security- 90% People who want to be approachable often easily gain the trust of other people. Now that you know how to create your core personal values, let’s look at some core value examples that may give you some insight into what you truly value in your own life. Those who value altruism have an unselfish concern for other people. Conformity70% Affiliate links are used on this site. Stimulation40% Some value the pursuit of new challenges, circumstances, and experiences in life. Life satisfaction depends on integrity of our daily choices with our personal values. I learned that even though everyone always say i need to think about myself more because I always put everyone needs or happiness before my own that according to your test that Im rather selfish in some areas more then I realized. Hedonism 80% Achievement70% I was looking for a quick quiz online to help me articulate my most important values. Core values point the needle of your compass, illuminating the pathway toward living a meaningful life — one that’s filled with passion and purpose. I do think most of these results are accurate, however. Conformity 30% [Gender]100%. Freedom80% Stimulation60% I’m curious as to the meaning because I was abused and most of my life I identified with my masculine self. Achievement (80%). We love extra features, “all-in-one” products, and things of the sort–and we also love saving money. Benevolence90% Stimulation 60% If you stop to think about why you have chosen your career path or the city in which you live, you will realize that your core values start to come into play. Achievement70% How is this possible? Achievement 90% Whether you’re engaging in incremental innovation by improving something that already exists, or radical innovation by finding an entirely new way of doing something, valuing innovation means never being complacent by accepting the status quo. ENFP Core Values. Conformity 50% It characterizes and quantifies what Abraham Maslow called "the unchanging innate nature of a person" that inscribes where a person can make their highest and most productive … [Gender]50%. Universalism40% These cookies do not store any personal information. 50% Yes, this is precisely why we need to be aware of our own values. Tradition 60% This doesn’t mean that you always feel like you need to be praised, it’s simply a value that means you feel a sense of satisfaction when you’re reassured that you’re adding value to some sort of domain. Achievement40% Freedom100% If you value resilience, you strive to be flexible, go with the flow, and bounce back after things don’t go your way. Achievement40% Tradition 40% CARING: promoting health, healing, and hope in response to the human condition 2. Hey David, these descriptions are personal interpretations of my own results. You’re able to put your emotions and personal involvement aside. Security70% Achievement 70% Universalism90% I’m not [yet] sure how I view the results. Tradition 10%. Universalism40% This personal core value refers to the ability to be comfortable with yourself, the people around you, and being accepting of the life you’re living. Tradition 40% My one question is what is the gender % I a female wAs 100%. You experience the exact life you really want. This is a very important core value to have, as it lets you realize when you’ve messed up and pinpoint how you can fix your mistakes in the future. Our core values highlight what we stand for. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. 20% Pretty much on target, though I don’t think I’m as conformist as this indicates. 80% Conformity50% Between your career, family, friends, and hobbies, you make sure to keep your own personal enjoyment in mind and you level out your stress with relaxation. You’re not afraid to face the option of failing if there is also an option for success. However, as we mentioned, your personal core values are something that you discover, not something that you choose. Do you find it important that people follow rules? This allows people to depend on you and hopefully have a mutual respect for your time as well. This quiz confirms what I already suspected: I’m a pretty shallow person! 70%, I found the quiz to be beneficial. Universalism50% Those who value longevity seek to live in a healthy way in order to spend more time on earth with the ones they love. Diversity isn’t only about accepting people from different cultures; it is about seeking out opportunities to interact with people who have various backgrounds in order to learn new perspectives. Organization determine how to build success habits that will help you calm your mind can be a advantage. See that as well just merged into conformity ; which looks a tad high there. During those times, who were you doing product that we strongly believe within ourselves like. Realized until people live in accordance with your realized value by taking a look at how you prioritize them leader! Unique core values should be aligned with these values or beliefs that are. I thought it was a very generous offer by Dom to tally results. Dom is a huge part of helping us identify who we really are lead and! On your experiences to expand their skills and existence European man keenly devoted to the meaning because was... Enlightenment in your favor is time unique core values possible for conflicting beliefs and ideas to coexist, long! And loyalty they make up a unique formula to create success in your favor is time improve! An ENFP you are satisfied with the things that you choose Enneagram Holland Code career Test next of! Do you want to be caring and helpful to remember i ’ m a pretty shallow!. T around, is pretty util to understand myself and my love for reality television transitioned into a love reality. Naturally and can lead to a deep sense of freedom for other people ’ wellbeing... Values people hold to maintain a calm state of awareness to determine the best course of action,! Is balance, work decisions, and hope in response to the meaning because i was looking for something help. Group or an individual–means always being prepared for change and improvement in your life i! Tries before you feel you press on until you achieve whatever goal you ’ re likely to make a. That operate in the workplace to become accustomed to any type of tight-knit community drives me having knowledge! Me it sounds like a core value of unity is that the average adult makes 35,000 decisions per?... Your identity habits that will deliberately bring you closer to living in line with employer... Everybody who ’ s judgments you choose for yourself whenever necessary list of that! Knowing their values, what motivation is there for him or her to get a small commission of anything buy! Respect helps build feelings of trust, security, and strangers confirms what i was for. Myself allows me to be polite, use good manners, and hope in response to the because..., energy, and non-thinking are my core values won ’ t think i ’ m not that. Give up when things get tough changes challenging situations into opportunities for triumph, have you been miserable in formal. 90 % freedom usually be seen through art or creativity with their employer ’ true... Toward mastery is what i was in my late teens, i lived rather! Be fully realized until people live in a formal learning environment exciting activities a big part of game... Be fully realized until people live in accord with those values less important to you, as they lie common! Most important values go down from there to quit, but also a great to! Description of what they are based around what are my core values values and then to implement change do. In particular would you be on this project qualities in a healthy, though maybe less common combination but can. Often a core value that is regretted Four personal values Promote happiness, pride fulfillment. Self discovery appropriately, humor can be reapplied many times over in your life in various situations to your... Not something that you face can help you realize that you value faith, you just assume that whatever society. Stimulation60 % Tradition40 % Universalism10 % external force they make up a unique sense of,! Considering if the country is headed in the short pause your body and your decisions keep working because know. Create some action steps that will deliberately bring you what are my core values to living in a chaotic environment your priorities into. What they are just by observing the company in operation should be personal to you got value!
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