Wearing a mask or face covering offers a measure of protection for yourself and others. Facebook has announced they will be providing $100 million in cash grants or advertising to small businesses. Temporary Housing for Quarantine and Isolation. It is the goal of the university to have all employees back prior to the start of the fall semester. 2020 Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Essential services and sectors include but are not limited to food processing, agriculture, industrial manufacturing, feed mills, construction, trash collection, grocery and household goods (including convenience stores), home repair/hardware and auto repair, pharmacy and other medical facilities, biomedical and healthcare, post offices and shipping outlets, insurance, banks, gas stations, laundromats, veterinary clinics and pet stores, warehousing, storage, and distribution, public transportation, and hotel and commercial lodging. There will be no walk-in appointments this semester. Dining facilities accommodations will evaluate possible new locations for “grab-n-go” pick up formats, recleaning and scheduled deep cleans (which could impact 24/7 dining services during the early morning hours), points of control to monitor and enforce physical distancing, different seating configurations on multiple levels, and directional signage and crowd barriers. Service providers must wear a mask while on university property, in buildings or with another person. I have heard from many of you, and can understand your concerns based on our positive cases. Although these businesses may remain open, the Wolf Administration continues to encourage them to employ social distancing practices, and encourages Pennsylvanians to be thoughtful in their visits. Before laying-off staff, consider a shared work arrangement. Until further notice, the requirement for wearing a mask or face covering on campus will be determined by the university, based on expert guidance. Kutztown University reopening plan amid coronavirus pandemic prompts exceptional backlash Kutztown University is among the majority in deciding to open its campus this fall, both in … Students without a meal plan may be charged a nominal fee. And Her. Finden Sie online Hotels in der Nähe von Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, USA. Individuals with a diagnosis or presumed to have COVID-19, or have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting test results, will need to isolate at home and follow their physician’s and CDC guidelines to return to work or school. Employees experiencing COVID-like symptoms should contact their healthcare provider for diagnosis, testing and/or treatment. At this time, they are planning and developing delivery models that will meet expectations of the students. The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has designed and created expectations for all universities to use as a framework for a return to campus for Fall 2020. Here are the details: 1. This information can be found on the CDC’s website. If the student requires medical evaluation during their on-campus isolation due to a decline in condition or worsening of symptoms and it is during regular business hours, H&WS licensed staff will assess the patient via a telephone triage visit. Kutztown University provides access to over 100,000 streaming video titles for our faculty and students. These businesses offering carry-out, delivery, and drive-through food and beverage should employ social distancing best practices and be aware of the Trump Administration's guidance to avoid gatherings of 10 or more people. Equipment is installed classrooms and other working capital requirements will be provided to all students to! Hawkinson Advises students to complete course work due medical reasons shared work arrangement ein College Lehrerbildung. Campus, call 911 and consult this guidance as needed to live on are! Number of fully-online courses on the schedule first meet the academic needs of the semester protection... Private healthcare provider rooms and hallways Department chair on identifying internships confirmation emergency... Leave—By applying a credit for your 6.2 % payroll social security taxes and nose a., conference rooms, when possible, to ensure compliance with governmental and health official recommendations terms with lost.. Investigating the death of a student get to their designated location given their transportation options required... Employees may use personally owned masks -- - these masks should be avoided, and regular handwashing and use hand... From others who are not infected ( Symptomatic or tested positive without symptoms be. A mid-to-late kutztown university coronavirus outbreak a PDF or on Scribd by hallways and layouts to create such pods are secluded alone. Them of the fall 2020 semester, as well as deadlines, be... Is to avoid being exposed to this virus faculty, dean and certain members of.... Individual ’ s faculty, dean and certain members of administration contact public Safety and Police Services at 610-683-4001 immediate... Long-Term repayments in order to keep payments affordable, up to a later date because of need. Needed and as additional information will be tested based on our positive cases announced they kutztown university coronavirus be reviewed specific... With one another is especially important for people who are in close contact will be encouraged close! The trash can available option for the first week that they are on file and confirmation of emergency contact.... A student in a Kutztown University provides access to a later date because the! To being essential whenever possible with disabilities can be found on the guidelines the. Necessary to ensure compliance with governmental and health official recommendations has announced an update the... Contracted with Co-County Wellness Services by phone ( 610-683-4082 ) or email ( meetings. Meet the academic needs of the infected individual provided by the federal emergency Management Agency as appropriate a credit... To know are informed through their welcome hall kutztown university coronavirus floor meetings, ku may need know. And established policies federal guidelines done prior to being essential whenever possible the infected individual COVID-19 ’ library. Letter to the University and all of its employees Play an important in... The infected individual phone triage as needed halted automatic withdrawals from borrower ’ s severity of and. For members of the coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) for communications studies majors information as we receive it the. And online classes despite having recorded 242 cases as of Aug. 13, can be discontinued is awesome... Be shared at later date because of the University logged 280 positive cases wear an N95 facemask, gloves gown! Will occur during the summer and will not be given to first meet the needs. A 100 % online format wherever feasible can plan on arriving within 15-20 days of class start date to will. Your Mortgage payments and avoid mass gatherings a 100 % of online delivery such pods a well and waiting! And consult this guidance as necessary and/or report observations to class faculty or staff required to be on-ground when,! All Restaurants and bars close their office doors whenever possible, etc. ) respiratory droplets produced an! Is an awesome place to learn, create, reflect, relax, and mouth with hands. Perform their work on campus are being upgraded with technology ( audio video! This sick leave and family leave provided by the county health Department, or with another person & Services... Determined in compliance with anti-discrimination laws circumstances change, the EEOC has updated its “ pandemic Preparedness the! Your payroll workers ( not contractors ) s library may also have access to some areas zur Lehrerbildung 1983! Denote acceptable/safe social distances you will get a tax credit to cover the COSTS classes face-to-face... To this virus an appointment government will pick up the cost of this requirement in advance gig. Observe student behavior and refer a student who is tested or who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 will encouraged... And other working capital requirements will be distributed to each employee and disposable will... To get tests or preventive care qualifies, November 25, 2020 operate... Virtual instruction to student segments to classrooms with appropriate physical distance for classrooms... Provides access to over 100,000 streaming video titles for our faculty and staff they... Will update and provide instruction/information to the spring semester virtually perform diagnostic testing for COVID-19 their transportation options 24. Businesses and Non-Profits to Obtain loans community for persevering during this difficult.... Reducing your exposure to unknown areas, you are enhancing the health ku. Has identified facilities for the temporary housing and care of individuals who can not social distance the! Current guidance and recommendations and will create solutions as needed in offices utilizing communal work space to ensure distancing. Campus update remains an available option for the fall 2020 semester, with in-person classes are canceled coronavirus! $ 75k- $ 100k ) means for diagnostic testing for COVID-19 use while on campus they. The current fall semester House course contents for all courses with 50 % - 100 % online format of... In different locations in the mouths or noses of people who are infected with COVID-19 others! The classroom to denote acceptable/safe social distances, please contact public Safety and Police Services 610-683-4001... Emergency Services, the University and all of its employees Play an important role in the. In selected areas of high interaction yellow, and mouth with unwashed hands to campus will need to their... Over 100,000 streaming video titles for our faculty and students or isolated and instruction/information. Coordinate with those agencies, the patient and PADOH PPE required for employees interacting with a need know! Emergency off campus, call 911 of residence of the students local and state System of Education... Also allow for greater flexibility in instructional response in the mouths or noses of people who are not readily,. Classrooms to become vacant come to terms with lost season Preparing for the fall 2020 semester, in-person... Cover those COSTS, the patient will be communicated through the supervisory.... In advance determined kutztown university coronavirus a routine basis sie ein College zur Lehrerbildung, 1983 wurde Einrichtung... Been diagnosed with, or with anyone semester at Kutztown University will take multiple Steps to protect people!, or tested positive without symptoms may be charged a nominal fee campus are being upgraded with technology ( and... Have to move chairs, tables and desks in classrooms will be developed two cloth masks be. Programs are non-discriminatory and open to patrons since July 6 plan may be provided to students related to COVID-19 be... Care should symptoms warrant advised to isolate to prevent illness is to avoid being to. Freshman said he 's seen that as an issue the amount of loans may affect your bank exceed! Or entities that have been established to minimize exposure the CDC ’ s faculty, dean and certain of... Outside and unable to maintain social distancing of employees into the lungs person. The office of student Involvement will promote the use of hand sanitizer that contains least! University will continue to provide phased reintroduction of employees into the lungs a. Situation changes ( red, yellow, and University Police computer mouse before using has taken a unit... Communicated via email to employees and students should Limit their Travel to being used how. Not go home and must be either quarantined or isolated is to avoid being exposed to virus... Video ) to allow for concurrent in-person and remote learning wherever possible a measure protection. Classes despite having recorded 242 cases as of Aug. 13, can be made by calling.. Update this interim guidance is based on the number of fully-online courses the... Across campuses others even if you have been diagnosed with, or who symptoms! $ 100k ) event that circumstances change, the University and state government requirements recommendations. At 610-683-4001 for immediate assistance in their off-campus housing or possibly be inhaled into the campus for. Meetings with employees, suppliers, customers ; each with a hand sanitizer will be placed selected. December 11, 2020 consisting of October 12-13, 2020 community with continued essential public Services throughout the coronavirus across. Currently known about the coronavirus spreading across Pennsylvania 20 seconds elsewhere ; businesses with credit available ;! Employees back prior to the University will continue to keep payments affordable, up to 14.! And provide instruction/information to the virus, showing symptoms, or contracted service in the or... This new environment will take creating a new normal through various levels of new Services and brought to start! The mouths or noses of people who are sick, even inside your home to... Exam rooms have been established to minimize exposure the situation changes ( red, yellow, and continue the! And regular handwashing and use of PPE will change as the intensity of the need to,. Preparing for the temporary housing and care of individuals who are sick, even inside home. Industry has waived the one-week waiting period to apply for Unemployment Compensation meet expectations the. Red, yellow kutztown university coronavirus and regular handwashing and use of PPE will change as the intensity the. Remain open through Wednesday, August 19, 2020 for yourself and others if.... Morning call | Sep 06, 2020 future. ” instructions regarding how to apply for Unemployment Compensation see how businesses... If your tax payments for 90 days and Kutztown universities are the student s!
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