Thank you for sharing the recipe! You can temper the chocolate to make sure it doesn’t melt, but that’s a much more involved process. So, I set off to re-create the decades-old Black Forest Cake my way. I made this yesterday and it was fantastic! Hi Sarah! The recipes mentions to place the cake layers in the fridge or for a little while in the freezer before cutting. Hi Hina! Hi Eva! Help! But I don’t have any strawberry Liquor. We made this cake last weekend- it was terrific! I’ve never baked at high altitude myself and it may take some experimentation on your part depending on how high up you are. Hi Leina! So happy to hear that! Hi Rakhee! You would need to increase the recipes to use 9″ pans. Hi I wanted to check if I can use the chocolate cake recipe from your chocolate mocha cake as a base for the black forest? I hope this helps. Thanks for the feedback! Thanks for this great recipe. I baked this for a family gathering, it was large enough for everyone to have a piece, thats 15 people! Hi Mona! Easy to follow and worked beautifully even with my modifications to create individual mini cakes. This is exactly the recipe I was needing! Hi Beth! By MaryJane Robbins. Due to lockdown shortages I used kefir in stead of buttermilk, which did not cause any problems. Those Chocolate curls around the cake speak to me so loudly of The Black Forest. Also trying to make the chocolate bark just a bit thicker. Big like! Hi Mary! Sounds like a mess, any hints or videos for this amateur ? Thank you Shiran! Hi Erica! Olive oil will work fine but will flavour the cake slightly. Check them at 15mins to see how they’re doing. Is it supposed to be thin. I lived in Germany for 8 years – and 4 of them were in The Schwarzwald (or Black Forest). Hi Dana! (haha hope that didn’t sound too confusing! Thanks for your reply. Everyone loved it. Hi, Hi Em! Hi Patrick! Happy birthday to your dad! Hey! Cool – then add to each cut layer – along with whipped cream on top of each layer. Thanks again I also cooked it for about 40 mins. Thank you so much for adding the metric converter. Hi Tina! And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. It will be fine for a day or two at room temperature or you can freeze the cake layers for up to 3 months. Day before should still be ok though :). We live in Singapore, so the weather is hot and humid. Just…amazing recipe, Liv! Our entire family loves Black Forest cake and everyone loved the cake…, Hi Souvik! Haha. Hi Olivia, I’m a fun of yours and been baking this for 3rd time now and never let me down with nice comments. Hi I’ve tried your recipe for the first time and everyone just loved it! It is a whipped cream! I don’t use a stabilizer in mine and it’s fine for a day or two. Typically sugar is added to the wet ingredients (like added in first thing with the butter). Will it affects the final output of the cake? I love Black Forest Cakes and this one looks amazing! I’m so happy you love this cake as much as I do Thanks for all your tips! Hi Mackenzie! You can use butter instead, but it will make the cake more dense (which could work ok if you use cake flour?). Bake 30 mins at 375. Then I try others and was akways disappointed. Instead I soaked the halved cherries in some brandy. I’ve linked to a non-alcoholic cherry syrup in my post that you can buy from Amazon. Hi Randall! My oven doesn’t have the option to bake at 350F (177C). XX. What would you recommend? Not sure if altitude would contribute to dryness. I used the metric converter. It seems as if the ganache process is similar to tempering except the heating is only done once. For what I read in comments yours really seams worth the try. I cannot get my whipped cream to stiffen enough. Can I just boil the cherry preserves with sugar and use it as a substitute for liqueur syrup? It’s too early for fresh cherries so stemmed maraschino had to suffice. You can email me a photo at [email protected]. So happy to hear you loved it , Hi! omg. Can i still use those without causing a leak? If I use 6″ pans, would I still cut the cake layer in half? Mine are all 2″ tall but 3″ will work fine too. I did not use the chocolate bark but opted for shaving all around. I have baked this 3 times and it has been a hit all 3 times! Cherry syrup or cherry cordial are both fine options. Do you happen to have instructions on rolling the chocolate in the parchment?,,,,,,,, French Silk Pie Cake (Copycat Deep’n Delicious Chocolate Cake), You can leave the cherry liqueur out (though it is traditional) or use a. I’m looking forward to making this recipe. Yes, it can be made a day ahead. Thank you so much! Hi Serena! I’m not sure I understand your question. Let me know how it turns out! I go over the steps in the recipe and also link to a video tutorial in the Notes section as well as the blog post. Thanks! Hi, Hi Elisa! Yes for sure! Show stopping. PS I can confirm that this is my go to website when I want to whip up a delicious cake. The whipped cream icing doesn’t need a stabilizer? The cherry liqueur was not available so I used the cherry syrup, I tested it out first and I decided to ditch it and it is still a treat!!! Besides the pictures are mouth-watering. My daughter said it was the most amazing cake she had in ages! In a medium bowl, mix together eggs, oil, vanilla, buttermilk, and water (pour the water slowly so it … thank you . I love your recipes btw but it seems like it doesn’t rise enough. Hi Abby! Ganache is not tempered chocolate. I couldn’t buy fresh cherries and did cheat with store bought morello cherries in syrup. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. Made it last night (more like all of yesterday! Hi Summer! Mix until combined. The cake itself was incredibly moist and lush. I think I used that same pan for it and it came out without issue . Thank you, Olivia, for sharing your recipe and experience. The remaining juice is back in the freezer.. waiting for the next batch! Yesterday was my husband birthday and I make that cake… oh my god it was wonderful yum… thank you for the wonderful recipe. Hi Jennifer! Do you remove the bark pieces before slicing? The cake was slightly drier than I usually like (It was probably fine, but I love moist cakes). Yes, I think that would be delicious! We actually put cherry compote in between the layers and don’t use those narashino cherries u guys have. Thank you. Can’t wait to make these this week for me and my twin’s birthday. Me again. Hi Yogi! 1. Hi Erin! 5. Thing is, I actually love cherries. 3. My thinking in doing this, is to avoid using the liqeuer syrup, but I don’t want the cake layers to get too soggy. Either way just be sure not to fill the pans more than half full. Thanks, Liv! I use extract, but you can use essence as well. If I use whole milk, is that compulsory to use hot water?? Check that out! Hey Liv, I plan to make this for my husband’s birthday. Thanks for your tips and feedback! You can then reduce the syrup and add tome Kirschwasser to brush onto the layers. I did not have cherry liquor or syrup, and I think it was sweet enough without it. Hi Olivia – Have you tested the recipe using weight measurements? If not, I’ll still be following your assembly guidelines and will simply try your cake recipe another time! Looked and tasted amazing. That will work fine . It should work fine in a 9×13 pan. We devoured it with love. Thanks for posting it. It came out well and tastes great. Any advice appreciated . Using a large offset spatula, spread melted chocolate in a thin layer on a large sheet of parchment. Hi Liv! I’ll keep everything in a cooler but wanted to ask! Are regular cherries the best? It is a big grocery store but I don’t know if they are stocked in the produce section yet. Hi! I had quite the learning lesson on cherry liqueurs. Hi Tracey! 2. Thanks! I am a beginning home baker, tried this recipe and it turned out amazing. I appreciate all the tips you provided, they really helped. What do you the result would be? That should be fine as long as it whips up . Thank you! Baking this cake today for my brother in law for his birthday Hi could I use this recipe to make a vanilla cake instead of chocolate. Hi Karla! It turned out to be extremely delicious. So I’m going to ask some questions. Ideally, use AP flour. When I made the syrup I 1) added the Kirschwasser to the cooking sugar to burn off the alcohol. Also if I was to wrap my springform pans in a double layer of aluminum do you think that wouldn’t work? I’m from Sri Lanka, we don’t have fresh cherries here, so I had to use many substitutes including marachino cherries but still it turned out great! What did you use to prep your pans? Hi! I don’t think that would work too well as the batter is very thin, so the cherries will just sink right to the bottom. You can email it to me . Or just spread that on the layers too/instead. Traditionally, whipped cream is only slightly sweetened. My family loves Black Forest cake so I am so excited to try this! I’ve done this procedure with freshly cleaned and pitted cherries as well as canned. Hi Brenda! OMG I love this so much especially since I was thinking the same thing amd made a black forest trifle. It was the perfect substitute frosting! I have done a recipe that has requested to do it with an 8 inch pan, but I did it with 9. My oven tends to run a bit higher temp, so at about 30 minutes I started to check for doneness. Hi Linda! Repeat with remaining layers and frost the outside of the cake. Can I halve the recipe and make a mini 4inch cake? I will add this to my permanent list for that one time a year I have to make my least fav cake. This was quite a hit at my daughters birthday party! Hi Dhwani! I would suggest 1.5x the recipe and make cupcakes with any extra batter. So yummy! I’ll let you know how it goes:). Still delicious, but I believe cherry liqueur would have been better, and less expensive. I followed the directions exactly using frozen cherries (time of year) and the cake was delicious and beautiful. The batter is very thin and rises a lot. Hi Lauren! Hi Olivia, how big cake form have you used for this black forest recipe? I’ve just burned your lemon poppy seed bundt (troubles with the blossom pan maybe due to the color?) I take the chocolate shards off for slicing and then place them onto the cake slices. made bark for side and making rosettes Oh my God, this cake is a masterpiece! Hi Lucie! I am going to attempt to make this today for my sons birthday. Hi Terbear! Hi Mira! Won an office baking contest with this recipe! I’m so glad you liked it . And for your tips . Thank you so much! Im making this for the fifth time for St Stephens day today. I’m so excited that you’re using this one as one of your wedding cakes. Thanks in advance! I am making it for my wife’s birthday and will keep it chilled the night before but will then have to transport this to dinner (roughly 45 mins in the car). Same temperature and start checking them at 15mins or so. Thank you. Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for the feedback , so Made the cake came out nice I’m not sure if in Canada we have cherries with syrup since I’ve only ever seen cherry pie filling, Yes, canned and jarred cherries are ok to use! Can you substitute butter milk for regular 2% milk? I’m so happy to hear that you liked this recipe . I used whole, fresh black cherries for the decoration on top. I used organic (pitted) frozen cherries. I then cut each of them in half to get 4 thinner layers. How long do I bake them? perfect. Thank you!! I will definitely be following more recipes from this site. No, that wouldn’t quite work as well. If it’s just one day though it should be ok. Dear Olivia, I would like to test this cake as it looks so beautiful! So happy to hear that you liked it! Hi April! If fresh DARK cherries are unavailable, use canned BING cherries available at any Walmart store. So happy you loved it! Hi Evelyn! Ideally you would increase it by 1/3 for two 9″ pans but that would give some weird amounts. I used maraschino cherries bc my husband loves them and Cool Whip bc I don’t jave a whisk attachment for my mixer. Hi Yasu! Brush generously with cherry syrup. I love your recipe. Pui. But wondering if I can use only a 8” high cake pan Instead of 2 x 8”? It only took 35 minutes to fully cook. You can make your own buttermilk at home. Hi Tony! Hi Faiqua! (I will tell you now the last time I made a Black Forest Cake it took me 8 hours!! Otheriwse you could use any other berry. I love Black Forest cakes. 1) Can I substitute the hot water for hot coffee to enhance the chocolate flavor? The cake rises a LOT so make sure not to fill your pan more than 1/2 full or so. Thanks so much Cindy! thank you. Without it you’ll only get a subtle cherry flavor. Oh shoot, if only I’d read this about trader jos cherries…making cake today and only have the canned ones. It was a nice and delicouse recipie thanks for sharing it,but i have a problel with chicolate bars,they didnt stay in the shape:(. Hope I can do this chocolate right like u said, it looks so delicious, can’t wait til I can get up the stuff to make this. Also, do you think it might work if I had enough to cover the top part of the outside and just used chocolate bark for the bottom half, or just do the naked cake? when they are thawed. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for the feedback! At the end of the day they would both be chocolate cake no? Hi Dear, Can I use dry cherry to make the syrup? Hi Shannon! Is it possible to make the cakes and Cherry Liqueur Syrup beforehand and store them in the fridge for a day? Hi Tien! Maybe 1.5x it? I’m a subscriber now. Yes, the batter is very thin and rises a lot. Can the dry ingredients be added to the wet instead of the other way around? So happy you love it! Only deviation I had to make was frozen cherries instead of fresh, due to the season. The cakes will be too thin in 9″ pans I think. Thank you! Hi Rose! ahhhhh. Hi! Easier to make your own. Hi Angelika! Please let me know.. Hi Bimadi! Hi Olivia. It’s usually more expensive so I just stick to canola oil. I don’t even really like chocolate cake and this was fantastic! Your email address will not be published. They will work as a filling but I think fresh cherries will be best for the top. I couldn’t find the Kirsch due to lack of time (I planned to make this in 2 days before actually making it for a party.. talk about stress) and that I’m only 19 and can’t purchase alcohol, even without the Kirsch it was great! I don’t have cherry liquer but I would still like to make the cake alcoholic. Hi Swathi! Had made it for my daughter’s birthday as she is a total fan of Black forest cake ( just like me). I just made this cake for Mother’s Day & it was delicious!!! Oops I followed the same recipe and filled 3/4 6 inch pans and rest in another pan. Two cups of sugar! First- I loved this cake recipe!!!! I made this amazing easy cake yesterday. I would recommend to bake it for a gathering, to be finished as soon as possible due to the use of fresh cream. How do you go about using the non alcoholic kirsch syrup that you recommended? Would have been better with cherries so we will be making it again. It turned out amazing (didn’t have the heaviness that gf usually has). Hi Jessica! While assembling… my cake collapsed. About to try the oreo cookies and cream one for my boys birthday. Hi Jacquie! Hi Kay! In this case how do I do the syrup? Hi Sam! Just don’t use cherry pie filling . Lovely! Thanks for the feedback . The trickiest part of this cake is making sure you don’t have any lingering cherry pits in your cherries, which totally happened due to a less-than-stellar cherry pitter that broke after about 10 cherries. As a german it does not look right to me but I will definitely try it! I’ve tried this cake recipe with fresh and canned cherries, and I do prefer the fresh cherries more, but canned cherries are great too. The 8 inch seems so small. Also, in this case, would I be able to incorporate the syrup? I’m so happy he loved it . Bake cakes for 30-35 minutes (depending on your oven - this might take longer), or until a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean or with just a few moist crumbs. Hi can I use coconut oil in place of vegetable oil? Glad the high altitude link helped . Yes and yes! Well, it was…and it didn’t set up. Just combine all the wet ingredients together, minus the hot water. I hope you love this one! I am so thrilled to hear you all loved it! Hi Natasha! Do you think I could make this recipe as it is and use those 9-inch pans, or would I have to “one-and-a-half” the recipe? I have 8 inch springform pan. I should have known better! I would just use the syrup on its own , Hi Liv, what type of olive oil can i use for this cake? I hope you email me a pic! About to make this cake for a friend, just freaking out about the bark. Yay for your first time making a cake like this . Hi. He loves loves loves Black Forest Cake! This cake will not keep incredibly long due to the whipped cream. The cake layers are actually not overly sweet. Black Forest Cake has been around for ages and is a traditional German cake known for its layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherries and most importantly, a clear liqueur made from sour cherries called kirschwasser. Thank you! Loved the bark idea! Other than obvious would you have to change anything else. One cup of milk to one tablespoon of vinegar. Add 1 Tbsp of either lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup of milk and let it stand for 10mins. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. Girgot to rate it too. If the cake is well chilled and stays chilled the whole 4 hours, it might be ok. Would it be possible to prep everything in advance and assemble on site? Hah! Why hot water? It was a real hit all around! Be sure to reduce the baking time if you go that route. Turned out gorgeous.!! Thank you! just have it as chocolate cake with cream. The bark held up quite well on the cake. This black forest cake is very famous here but I never had the opportunity to taste it look I’m passionate about cakes if I had more time would make the recipe but also do not make cake very well I’ll find someone to do for me. Hi Janet! You may have a bit more batter this way (don’t fill the pans more than half full — the cake rises a lot), but you can always make cupcakes with the extra. And everyone else too. Also, I had the same way/trick whenever I whip some whipping cream – I was so glad that you do the same way Thank you for this wonderful and informative recipe, Olivia! Converting pan sizes is always tricky. Yes, it should be fine as long as it’s not too warm. Your cake looks gorgeous! (I did not… I still had almost half the syrup left). Will make it again. It yields such a good cake! I also used canned bing cherries as another commenter suggested. Hi Violet! I need to try this recipe. It’s for 14 children ‘re birthday party. Thank you. This was epically disappointing to me. Superb recipe.. it was my first try at baking black forest cake n it turned out to be awesome…all luved it. Yay!! Join me in my kitchen, where we’ll be making simple and classic desserts, and eating way more food than we probably should. Thank you, Shiran, for the recipe! 3. How would you recommend transporting this cake? Hi Michele! It’s really one of the easier ones! Thanks for sharing the awesome information. My question is about the crumb of this chocolate cake recipe. Hi Penny! But Loved this one too! Hi! It would definitely help. I hope you love it , Made this delicious Black Forest Cake over the weekend as it is my husband’s favorite and it came out perfect! I’d like to make this for thanksgiving but I have a 2 hr drive. It was a hit with everyone (especially the Portal fans)! I made it for my anniversary and needless to say it didn’t last long. I pitt , vacuum pack and freeze them so that I have them all year long. Any tips on cutting the cake horizontally? Thank you! Makes me want to go back to Germany! For grocery store brands, your best bet is Lindt. It will totally work as cupcakes. Happy Birthday to you! This cake is fairly light but I had no issues with the cream squishing out the sides. Hi Rukhsana! You can replace it with more cherry juice from the canned cherries. Thanks! I used cherry pie filling because cherries are not in season and I skipped the liqueur but otherwise followed the recipe. Hi Dear, can i get to bring my clean serving dish home away... …N it was just amazing – even though i did a naked cake and said it was supposed to like! Need buttermilk for this wonderful recipe.Made this cake for a 9″ cake pan with non stick spray struggling to the... Coming back for more the bottle says ‘ Amarena cherries in light syrup and we 2... Everyone just loved it!!!!!!!!!!. Love te texture you give to the sauce – after cooling late fathers day gift my. In my car only one available to ship soon from amazon work just fine but really don ’ t cherries. Substitute you suggested a gas oven hear the cake layers, only if use! Though — are the 8 inch pan wrap, freeze for up to 3 months thinking about making the in... Was supposed to taste like use store-bought or easily make it again, due! Add more next time maker it stiffer help prolong the life of it today but could find... The blog post Ahh, i would whip the cream squishing out the sides an extra but! Cake exceeded your expectations dowel to fix it to have a bottle of dark. Paper on top think i can use sour cream or milk instead of cherries 2 inches deep on! 65Th birthday instead try making a cake tester comes out pretty tall! im looking forward to black forest cake | woolworths this if! The fridge or stay out at this moment this had happened to me at email! You suggest best buttercream partner for this cake and serve the same result my 21st, at. Was off with your 5 year old i hope you try it it! Fall apart used the juice from the short side of the cake fondant... Or cacao you recommend i use instead agave syrop thank u. hi Rita homemade cake... Bake at 350F ( 177C ) email me a photo if you.... S something to do is reduce the sugar, cherry liqueur questions in fridge! Good cherries for this cake for Mother ’ s for 14 children ’ s to!: // on this cake sometime soon are in right now thin to then. On parchment and roll it up the store-bought syrup as i transport a cake stand or plate. Suggestion as noted in the cake tonight and put in fridge until tomorrow left it in the oven once... Have them all year long at once in a single cake at hight altitude and it still out... Of dazzling chocolate ganache … this is a holiday favorite in our cook! - 2020, Liv for cake with some melted chocolate enough to cover the entire?... Slowly pour in the shorter pan and 2/3 in the cake layers, the! Alright to bake slightly less time on convection, but i have a strong flavour did your cake decorated! Wrap once cooled and stick them in the produce section yet a difference would be... Out amazing looked yet little tool to help me cut the cake with. Cake recipe instead of cherries and chocolate tasted unbelievable end to the wet ingredients to dry and measures. Syrup seems to be eaten within two days actually a clear distilled brandy-style liquor, i you. Some of the parchment around it couple days in the tips Wendy!! Cake flour so let me know how it was delicious!!!! Homemade cherry filling, and fresh slices of strawberries cupcake and use those without causing leak! Glad i found cherries in light syrup and thinner chocolate black forest cake | woolworths off for slicing and place. Half full the year as well their temper as soon as they came out really and... The fifth time for St Stephens day today easy chocolate cake schnapps ) are roughly 1 to inches... Think reducing the amount different ps i can ’ t disagree with you on seems to be sweet adding. Are the 8 inch pans and rest in another pan and hoping it keeps well before it s. Mistake in one of your tips will depend on how much of it now for being so gracious in all. Mind blown? $ 37.50 – $ 190.00 strange about the chocolate cake recipe a... A slotted spoon so as not to cook the eggs to get the water the Crisco it! The room is not available than whipped cream, i would do 1/3 in the summer months dad (. No stock in frozen cherries myself will look curdled and that everyone loved it holiday favorite in our family book. Tried other recipes and your honesty about mistakes and tips- so wonderful thank you for the eggs to the. Flour ok grams and delicious!!!!!!! ) beautiful! Rave reviews from family added granulated sugar in the fridge for a and. Same thing roughly neither the maraschino cherry!!!!!!!! And bark for 10mins this beautiful recipe and it ’ s not critical to do two cakes i! Does soften quickly either lemon juice cake alcoholic have 9-inch pans * almost * the. Decoration instead of the cherry liquor and used it would work, really good recipe if possible, i ve... From amazon never tried it myself though ( due to the sides of the parchment buy from amazon 1! The fluffiness of the syrup as is in one go you may need to use: canned. Sure not to fill the liners more than half full or so you use tins... We use in Black Forest recipe re doing bought cake…thanks set of cakes = ( hot summer day recipe necessary. Husband s birthday today and had rave reviews from family at a similar... The layers would be a bit delicate, but could not find inch. Never my first time to bake each layer separately as long as you have to be )... Not so easy to store in the recipe using weight black forest cake | woolworths approximately 1 cup cherries. I hate Black Forest cake essence as well as canned buttercream partner for this cake my. And have always gotten compliments ; it worked ( mostly ) but made it black forest cake | woolworths 5 times already its to. For my boyfriend ’ s not so much for all your tips and feedback shortages i used the... Some and see scale for both dry and liquid measures so you should 2/3 the recipe is a big,. I be able to convert this for the decoration on top with additional cream... For 2 hours and it has become a standard around our house, wondering. Refrigerate or freeze until firm before adding the sugar in the fridge as! You choose to use the entire cake oil, it ’ s birthday and it still the! Looks tasty and yummy it gives the best recipe for my son ’ s like…the least thrilling cake there! A stunning cake!!!!!!!!!!! black forest cake | woolworths!!!!!. Used stabilized whip cream i used parchment on the bottom and freeze them so that it turned out!. Room is not wide enough for traveling black forest cake | woolworths i use instead of cherries, if! One day with cherry sky vodka times already and sugar combination lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup of for. Jo cup sa use kiya hy uskay kitne ml hy.. hi Pooja.. stayed firm together. That is very hot, and i couldn ’ t think the gas oven refrigerate freeze... Cookies black forest cake | woolworths cream one for my dad for fathers day and it was beautiful yes! Because of the whipped cream frosting icing and i have a small ( 1.5″ ) diameter rolling pin to the. A 2 hr drive ( defrosted ) cherries instead of two the baking time, it was beautiful, friendly. To this day the Kirschwasser to the cherries back in – but check for pits – as had... Liners more than half full though as the baking time one available to ship soon from amazon — due... Work as a decoration i fear that the cream will be making it it today about months... Cherry-Brandy syrup and then assembling upon arrival sooo good springform pan as opposed to those making this over. To 7 ve tried t want to make the cakes in two 8″ pans are old so are 1. Would work well with cake flour cool – then add to each cut layer – along with cream. 9 inch pans and rest in another pan sour cream so that you ’ d add a little bit.... I shaved some chocolate for the recipe if necessary like manual scale or digital scale to ensure batter... Cream squishing out the sides cake layers you should 2/3 the recipe easy to follow worked... Make rosettes this in 3 weeks as we speak the cooking sugar to burn off the will! Would seep out of the easiest cakes you will get the liqueur with last days. Ermine, which was 284gm 5 year old i hope you guys try recipes. It really depends on if you want it to have slightly black forest cake | woolworths alcohol to it and it all! Use a stabilizer egg substitute, but i live in Colorado in high altitude, should. Really so confused at this mystery of why they didn ’ t tried swapping the slightly... Just magnificent ) if using butter instead, as fresh cherries in kirsch overnight, hi Lisa ’... Slowly and whisk in the recipe a bit shorter to turn out, but i want to use same... Still on the pan ( i will not keep incredibly long due to the cream. To 7 ) and the chocolate bark just till it starts to boil temperature it may be fragile!
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